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Made in USA


Wipers Recycling, LLC

Wipers Recycling, LLC sells cut cleaning rags for industrial and janitorial supplies, in 25lb. boxes. We also sell 1,000lb. bales of cut rags. Cut rags are made from white tee shirts, color tee shirts, etc. The very best cleaning and painting rags, at the highest quality and lowest price. Our throw away factory wipers will save you money, by creating less labor.

Wipers Recycling, LLC has also developed a new and economical oil-absorbent material called STEPS. it can be used as a filter that collects oil based substances. We hold the U.S. patent pending. We manufacture STEPS and sell it in 10 lbs. and 25 lbs. bags. It has excellent absorbency for oil, grease and water at an affordable, reasonable cost. Try it once and you will be back for more.. It is noncombustible yet burns at high enough temperatures to biodegrade, thus making it cheaper to dispose of and environmentally friendly. Safe to use around chemicals.

Wipers Recycling, LLC is an excellent company to work with, very friendly and meticulous in detail. You will be happy to work with us, because we don't stop until you are happy and we keep you happy, so you keep coming back! Wipers Recycling, LLC will be pleased to hear from you, please contact us anytime.

 Wipers Recycling, LLC also deals in used footwear and clothing. We have a large stock of winter boots, roller blades and other sportswear, cowboy boots, high heels, and more. Minimum order is 500 lbs.

Wipers Recycling, LLC, is a Minnesota-based small-business-enterprise that deals in large volumes of used clothing, footwear, accessories, and wiping cloth. We have BIG LOTS of winter boots, sports equipment, and hard goods. We also donate local after a disaster.

Minnesota is located in the northern United States and has a long winter. The Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul have a high standard of living and affluent neighborhoods. This enables us to find an abundance of good used footwear and sporting gear. Minnesota has four seasons. People change footwear often according to the seasons. Our products are in good condition as a result. A high percentage of our footwear is real leather -- shoes & boots made in USA and Italy.


About The Founder

The dream of our company founder, Ms. Patricia Gearin, was to integrate the best of environmental responsibility with sound business management practices. With the founding of Wipers Recycling, LLC , Ms. Gearin has not only achieved that goal, but has set new standards for recyclers nationwide.

Her environmental concerns led her to develop a patent-pending material with numerous uses for cleaning up oil- and water-based spills for both the home and industry.

The product is made up of materials that are recycled in a way that meets the ultimate challenge of environmental responsibility and provides the end-user with one of the safest and most effective spill-control products in the industry.

The new product, STEPS, is being considered by several major institutions for oil spill mitigation.

Ms. Gearin was a guest on the early Good Morning, America show on ABC in the early 1980's, and has been written up in numerous local and national newspaper and magazine articles.